You will need to have an active Minecraft Hosting Service with us.
Please note, there is no way to add sub-users to your billing account yet.

Creating an account
The sub-user will first have to create an account with us. Click here to create an account.

Adding the sub-user to the control panel

Open the game panel. Click here to go to the game panel.
Once you're in the game panel, select the server that you'd like the sub-user to have access to. If you would like to grant them access to multiple servers, you will need to complete the steps below for each server.
Click "Configuration" on the left side of the game panel. You will then see a variety of other options. You will need to select "Sub-User Access".
From there, select "Create New". Now, all you need to do is enter their email address, which must be the one they created their account with.
Select the permissions you'd like to grant them.
Click "Add New Subuser" and that's it!
The sub-user can now go to the game panel by going to

Having trouble? Click here to open a support ticket!
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