To access your files via FTP, you will need an FTP client. There are various FTP clients available, but we recommend WinSCP. You can get it by clicking here

When logging into the FTP server, you will be asked for the following:
File Protocol
Host Name
Port Number

Before logging into the FTP server, you will need to create an FTP account. You can read more about creating an FTP account by clicking here.

Where to get FTP login credentials
Once you have made an FTP account, on the same page, you will see the FTP account listed under "FTP Accounts".
Go ahead and click "Configure FTP Client" next to the account you created.
Under Manual Settings, you will be able to see your username, the host name, and the port.
Use those details and the password you created to log into your FTP account.
There may be an option to choose the Encryption. Select Explicit Encryption.
Click Log In.
You may be warned that the certificate is unknown, just continue.
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