How can I login to the panel?

This article will show you how to login to our game panel

NOTE: Logging into the panel requires that you have at least one active Minecraft service with us. If you do not have one, you will not be able to login to the panel.
You can check if you have a service with us by visiting your client area

Once you're in your client area, under the services tab you will be able to see all active services on your account. Ensure there is at least one active server in the list. Here is an example of an active server:

Once you've confirmed you have an active service that isn't pending or canceled, you'll be ready to visit the panel. You can visit the panel at

NOTE: If you have issues logging into your account with us, please check this article which may help debug your issue.
Upon logging in, press the servers tab on the left side of the panel. You'll be greeted with several pieces of information. They are numbed and labeled below:

This is your server ID. This may be asked by our support staff in support tickets.

This is the name of your server. Its sole purpose is so that you know which server you are accessing in the event that you have multiple servers on your account. Clicking the name of the server is how you access the servers console. Once in the console, the name can be changed under the configuration tab found on the left side of the panel.

This is the node your server is on. You can see our node usage at which may be something to look at if you're concerned about lag on your server. The node name is also useful if we schedule maintenance which may result in your server being offline through the duration of said maintenance.

This is the IP address that is used to join your server. The entire box needs to be copied and pasted into Minecraft to join your server. A sub domain is provided as shown above if you did not purchase a dedicated IP with your server.

This is the ram usage of your server. The server shown above is an 8GB server. If the server was online, it would show the current ram usage.

This is the CPU% of your server. It is measured out of 100%

This is the disk space of your server. We do offer unmetered disk space however, there is a soft cap in place to prevent abuse. If you require more storage, please open a ticket to request more.

This shows whether you're an owner of the server or a sub-user.

Lastly, this shows whether your server is offline or online.

As always, if you're struggling to login or access the panel please do not hesitate to contact us via a discord ticket or a standard ticket
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