How can I upload my own world file?

By default the world file will be randomly generated. You may want to upload one of your own maps, or a creation that was posted online. This guide will show you how to upload a custom world to your server.

NOTE: You will need to have the world file stored locally on your computer.
First, you'll need to verify that the world folder is in fact the world folder with the proper sub directories. If your world folder doesn't look similar to the image below, you are most likely in the wrong folder / sub directory. Also, be sure to stop your server at this time.

Once you've confirmed the folder is structured similar to this, we're ready to begin.

Step 1: Compress your world folder into a .zip file
To properly upload a folder to your server, we highly suggest compressing it into a .zip file. This will greatly improve the transfer time to our servers and will allow you to upload the file directly to our panel without the need for SFTP. Here is our world folder compressed into a .zip:

Step 2: Upload your newly zipped world folder to your server
You can easily upload files to your server via SFTP or the online file manager. Which ever way you choose, the .zip file needs to be uploaded to your servers root directory, also known as the home directory (where your server.jar file is located)

NOTE: Any existing world folders will need to be deleted at this time, ensure all world folders are deleted before proceeding
Once you've verified that your world file has uploaded entirely and that no other world folders are on your server, you'll be ready to extract your .zip.

Step 3: Extract your newly zipped world folder
Lastly, we'll just need to extract the world, .zip files can easily be extracted via the online web panel. Simply press the three dots next to the zip file and select the "Decompress option"

NOTE: Be sure to rename the final folder "world" as this is what the server will look for by default
You're now ready to boot your server and enjoy your uploaded world.

As always, if you're struggling to login or access the panel please do not hesitate to contact us via a standard ticket
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